Work Folders - Answer to all your storage needs

Keep your files synced in the cloud for optimal productivity

With MachCloud Work Folders, you have answers to all your modern storage needs. With a data sync solution at hand, your files are up-to-date whenever you need them. Experience streamlined access of your files hosted in the cloud and stay in line with the latest security standards regarding file management in the cloud.

Get your hands-on Secured Files and Folders

Whether it is a storyboard for your next project, a business plan for scaling up your business or just your next court visitas a lawyer, Work Folders host all your files with ensured security. Your files are encrypted and data breach ruled out. A highly protected environment awaits your files so you can stay in control of your precious files.

Plans and Pricing

Find the right solution for you

Basic Storage

25 GiB

€ 100,00

€ 1,00


Maximum Users: 5

Storage Plus

50 GiB



Maximum Users: 10

Storage Premium

100 GiB



Maximum Users: 25

Unlimited Data

Unlimited Data

Starting at


Unlimited Users

Why Work Folders

  • Your data is safe and private
  • All your data available on any device you have (PC, Mobile, Tablet, etc)
  • Your files are synced across your devices in real time
  • Easy to install, it is integrated part of Windows 10
  • Encrypted transfer and storage
  • Datacenters in Europe, geo-redundant (safe backup) in The Netherlands
  • Stored on your company storage space, which is shared between colleagues in your company

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Leverage the cloud for a secured, all-sync File sharingExperience with Work Folders

Work Folders lets you do more with less

It caters for Modern File Security needs
Get aligned with Modern File storage processes
Stay in line with synced files and folders
Remotely access your files 24/7

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