Business telephony at the home workplace with Microsoft Teams within minutes

Now that a lot of work is done from home, organizations are looking out for better team cooperation and optimal customer contact.

An important requirement is the usage of business grade telephony to be implemented within a few hours.

An important requirement is the usage of business telephony.

This webinar shows how to set up business telephony on any device with Microsoft Teams

MachCloud ensures that organizations can quickly and easily create and manage cloud solutions for business telephony, calling in Teams, Microsoft 365 services, Cloud infrastructure and web services.

This Webinar covers:

  • How to successfully implement business telephony with Microsoft Teams within a day
  • The possibility to connect your existing telephone exchange and to use business telephony on a smartphone, PC and landline
  • How to deal with existing telephony functions
  • The advantages of the self-service platform in which the workplace can be created in a few steps
  • Cost benefits
  • How a home worker can see for what a customer is calling for, before answering
  • Explanation of required Microsoft Licenses

This Webinar is in Dutch language.

Kees van der Borst
Dietger Koopmans

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