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Your business telephony for FREE through Microsoft Teams.
Telephony via PC, Mobile device or Teams deskphone. Ideal for hybrid work!

Fully secured and encrypted connection
Free phone number
No Investment needed, all-in-one web portal



1 phone number, excluding minutes Unlimited national and international calling time.
Actual usage will billed on a monthly basis.
€ 0,00
€ 0,00


I agree with the terms and conditions
  • Cancellation per month without costs
  • Calling rates are shown below
  • Option: retain existing phone number
  • Login to your self-service account to configure and for making changes or buying additional licenses
  • If the service is not set up it will automatically expire after 3 months
  • Abuse during the free call period will result in the user being disconnected
  • Business SEPA Direct Debit required for recurring payments.
I have the required Microsoft 365 subscriptions Link with Microsoft 365 admin centre
1 subscription per organization
(cannot be used for a user)

Choose from:
  • Office 365 F3
  • Office 365 E3
  • Office 365 E5
  • Microsoft 365 F1
  • Microsoft 365 F3
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium
  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise E1
  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3
  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5
1 subscription per Teams user

Choose from:
  • Office 365 F3 + Teams Phone
  • Office 365 E1 + Teams Phone
  • Office 365 E3 + Teams Phone
  • Office 365 E5 (dit is incl Teams Phone)
  • Microsoft 365 F1 + Teams Phone
  • Microsoft 365 F3+ Teams Phone
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic + Teams Phone
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard + Teams Phone
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium + Teams Phone
  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise E1 +Teams Phone
  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3 + Teams Phone

For government, educational institution or non-profit organization: CALL US


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Frequently Asked Questions

After registering, you associate phone numbers with Teams users in the MachCloud Web portal and within 24 hours you can make and receive calls using your desktop Teams client, mobile device or Teams phone.

Yes, Microsoft Teams includes PBX features: Such as one queue, call forwarding and voicemail. If you want more comprehensive features, MachCloud can provide them.

At the office, on the road or at home: All your communication is done through the Microsoft Teams client, whether on your mobile device, on the PC or Teams phone. Low call rates and secure calling with voice encryption. You can add and remove employees in minutes.

Yes you can: You get one new phone number per user, but you can have your existing number ported by MachCloud. The cost of this is listed in the fee schedule.

After signing up and checking if you have activated the right Microsoft subscription and Microsoft Phone Addon, you will create the link to your Microsoft Teams environment in the portal. To do this, you will need administrator access on your own Microsoft account. In your Teams app, the option to call and be called any phone number will appear.

After downloading the Teams app on your mobile (Android, IOS), you can make and receive calls using your fixed business number. For private, you will keep your cell phone number and WhatsApp.

Yes, you can make calls through dedicated Microsoft Teams devices. You can manage these devices through the Microsoft admin center.

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