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MachCloud Onboarding Services include

Onboarding services
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Acquiring Microsoft 365 Cals
  • Provisioning of Tenant organizational structure on Microsoft 365
  • Helping deploying Microsoft 365 on local devices
  • Start Up walk thorough on Microsoft 365 admin center

MachCloud Migration Services

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Assessment of current asserts
  • Migration Planning
  • Staging Migration / POC
  • Microsoft 365 Seats deployment / Onboarding
  • Migration Execution
  • Post Migration Q&A
  • Handover / Sign Off

MachCloud Admin As-a-Service Include

admin as a service
  • MachCloud Admin as a Service take care of all the administrative needs of Microsoft 365 as and when they arise.
  • MachCloud Admin as a Service is designed to facilitate its clients to manage their Microsoft 365 subscriptions on low and manageable costing structure.
  • Engage team or dedicated Microsoft 365 Expert as your Microsoft 365 tenant Admin.
  • Your Microsoft 365 Admin will manage, monitor and optimize your Microsoft 365 deployment on daily basis.
  • Your Microsoft 365 Admin will facilitate you with all your Microsoft 365 entities provision and update requests.
  • Your Microsoft 365 Admin will keep on reporting to have you bird eye view of your Microsoft 365 deployment.
  • Your Microsoft 365 Admin will introduce you will new Microsoft 365 features and functionalities being added to Microsoft 365 portfolio by Microsoft.
  • Your Microsoft 365 Admin will train you on any of Microsoft 365 Basic365 components as and if needed.
  • Responsive to Microsoft 365 Services health status alerts.

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