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MachTeams® Extension

Get on board with Microsoft Teams with your existing Cloud PBX Microsoft Teams phone system. A stable Microsoft Teams PBX Integration is all you need to experience smoother Microsoft Teams Calling to power your business with Next level unified communications.

Retain your contacts from Cloud PBX
Microsoft Teams just got better with Teams PBX connection telephone system

Microsoft Teams PBX Connection provides the next generation of collaboration for the modern workplace. When migrating to Microsoft Teams you do not want to sacrifice important Cloud PBX Microsoft Teams features. Until MachTeams®, integrated support for an existing Microsoft Teams PBX connection was not available such as retaining your existing Business phone numbers and dial by extension.

Introducing MachTeams®, a patented and fully automated telephone service for Microsoft Teams PBX connection, while maintaining your existing Cloud PBX contacts and offering a Teams Calling plan for every type of business. MachTeams® works in minutes while you can easily make use of Teams Direct Routing with existing phone number porting.

MachTeams® Benefits

You should consider all Microsoft Teams limitations before migrating. MachTeams provides call with Teams solutions with Teams PBX connection. The biggest advantage of MachTeams® - Extension is that you can experience Cloud PBX Microsoft Teams system and don’t have to compromise on Teams Calling functionality. MachTeams® also integrates fixed and mobile devices, allowing the caller to dial out using the company’s main phone number directly from the Microsoft Teams smartphone app. Another great feature is that when a Microsoft Teams user is unavailable the Teams call can be forwarded to any group, extension or to the receptionist. It gives a new meaning to Unified communications.

How does it work?

In Microsoft Teams phone system, each user is linked to an existing PBX extension for example 201. The username, password and extension (201) of the user is entered in MachCloud® self-service web portal. MachCloud®’s geo redundant platform ensures that the fixed device at the workplace is replaced by the Cloud PBX Microsoft Teams user smartphone.


It is not required to migrate all PBX users simultaneously to Microsoft Teams. Users who are not ready simply continue to use the Cloud PBX system as before. Important to know is that MachTeams®-Extension does not make any changes to the PBX configuration, SIP trunk or external telephone numbers.


What licenses are required?

To start using MachTeams® the following Microsoft licenses are required:

Direct Routing connection between Microsoft 365 and MachCloud® service platform

Direct Routing connection between Microsoft 365 and MachCloud® service platform, chose one:

  • Office 365 E1 license
  • or
  • E1 Microsoft 365 license, one for each customer (tenant)
Microsoft 365 User
  • Office 365 E1 + Phone system add-on
  • or
  • Office 365 E3 + Phone system add-on
  • or
  • Office 365 E5 (Phone system add-on included)
  • or
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic + Business Voice add-on
  • or
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard + Business Voice add-on
  • or
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium + Business Voice add-on

What does it cost?

MachTeams® licensing cost is calculated per user per month for the company Business Phone. For accurate numbers for Cloud PBX Microsoft Teams, Contact your service provider.

Prices do not include sales tax (vat) where applicable.

Microsoft 365 Phone system add-on (€6.75 per month) is also required when using E1 or E3 but not for E5 license.

The existing calling plan and PBX remain unchanged. MachCloud® calling plan or cloud PBX are optional and not included in Call in Teams solutions.

Direct Routing connection between Microsoft 365 and MachCloud® service platform requires one Microsoft 365 E1 license (€6.75 per month) for each company (tenant). MachTeams® requires this Microsoft 365 E1 license to connect between the PBX and Microsoft Teams.

MachCloud® partner will be responsible for charging the end-user (customer). A detailed report of existing accounts will be available in the self-service web portal in Call in Teams solution

What are the prerequisites?

For MachTeams Extensions, Extension numbers can be 3, 4 or 5 digits long, not starting with number 1.

The Microsoft Teams phone system user can only make and receive calls. All other functions are provided by the existing PBX system.

Start Selling

After successfully registering as MachCloud® partner and purchasing MachTeams® licenses you will have access to the self-service web portal for configuring call in Teams settings via Cloud PBX Teams call

No investment nor training is required.

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