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MachCloud Industry’s best Cloud Computing Solution Provider

For all the Microsoft 365 enthusiast out there, here’s big news: You can now resell Microsoft 365 like never before with more profit margins and higher success rate. Have a closer look.

Being in a competitive environment where there are resellers all around, it not only requires good services to succeed, rather more focus shall be given to the process of transition from a typical business scenario to the cloud space. With the emerging trend in the cloud since past decade, the number of cloud services increases and now there are the multiple platforms from which reselling of these services can be performed. Resellers, however, feel quite confused while approaching Cloud Solution Providers for reselling services. It is because they find minimal support from CSPs, there are limited management tools available and there is almost no guidance on how to build the business in the Cloud.

best cloud computing solution

The solution to building a successful Cloud Business: MachCloud

MachCloud is an innovative Cloud Solution Provider in market that enables CSPs to resell and make maximum use of its services. Keeping in view the current market trends, MachCloud makes most optimal offers for your business in terms of profits and affordability with its pay-as-you-go model. It ensures there is no need to invest in license fees, billing systems and certification, allowing partners to save time and focus on generating new business streams. It offers reselling of Azure and Microsoft 365 services which are industry’s most profitable margins for resellers. Microsoft 365 is the most feasible and easy solution to start for resellers. No other provider can beat Microsoft when it comes to pricing, support and management tools. Microsoft 365, with its wide variety of apps, is most popular amongst Resellers. MachCloud’s mission is to simplify migration to the cloud services and improve customer experience. Based on MachCloud’s customer management flows, E-commerce, storefront, payment gateways and migration support, resellers can execute cloud migrations efficiently.

The Two Models

It is best to partner with a leading provider like MachCloud, which keeps you on the right track towards reselling of Microsoft Services. Nevertheless, you always have an option to switch but, if you’re a MachCloud White Label Partner, you would never want to leave once you get your hands on its services.

Apart from becoming a White Label Partner, you have another option: become an Advisor. In fact, these are two models under which MachCloud offers its services to Customers: White Label Model and Advisor Model.

Next up, we have aligned a few points for you to know how each of the models work.

1. Investments:

Both models do not require investments on your side.

2. Customer care:

White Label Partners take care of their customers and own them entirely. In case of Advisor Model, we onboard customer. MachCloud closes agreements and provide them with support.

3. Closing Deals:

In case of White label Partner model, you close the deal with MachCloud’s behind-the-scenes assistance. In case of Advisor Model, MachCloud closes the deal. Customers have a direct agreement with MachCloud.

4. Margin Setting:

White Label Partners set their own margins. In case of Advisor model, Margins are set with your consent.

5. Technical Support:

White Label Partners provide technical assistance on their own, whereas in case of Advisors, experts from MachCloud provide technical assistance to customers.

The choice is yours. Whether you are an MSP, Cloud Service Provider or an Expert in selling, MachCloud is your way to go. With Industry’s leading trends of Microsoft 365 and offering best practices from Microsoft, MachCloud is your one-stop solution for better reselling.

MachCloud, simplify the move to the Cloud

There is no standard procedure available for Cloud Service Providers, when business customers are moving to public cloud services. Every migration case requires specific measures for legacy systems, changing processes and project planning.

MachCloud’s mission is to simplify migration to the cloud services, by offering resellers:

  • 1. Microsoft 365, Azure, Dynamics on both Public as Private infrastructure, including a unified management platform.
  • 2. Offering traditional VoIP services and Skype4Business and Teams based telecommunications giving resellers full control in hybrid telecom platforms, Netherlands market.
  • 3. Improve customer experience, using customer management flows, E-commerce, storefront and payment gateways;
  • 4. A single bill for all services, based on MachCloud’s billing and invoicing system, reporting and power BI flows;
  • 5. Improved customer care experience based on MachCloud’s customer care and support flows management;
  • 6. A simplified move to the cloud using presales, onboarding and migration services.

About MachCloud

MachCloud is leading Microsoft Certified Partner with worldwide locations in the USA, Europe and Asia. Over the last 20 years, MachCloud has supported a wide variety of Microsoft technologies.

MachCloud is strongly committed to serving partners. Our resellers can sell cloud services like the full Microsoft 365 suite, Teams, Skype for Business, Azure and more. We ensure savings for our partners and offer the best service prices. MachCloud ensures there is no need to invest in licence fees, billing systems and certification, allowing partners to save time and focus on generating new business streams.

Additional services include:

  • 24 x 7 support
  • Kickstart program
  • Training
  • Additional expert support via knowledge base and webinars
  • For more information, please contact us via

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